Sail the rivers

A sophisticated design and expert monitoring throughout manufacturing ensure seaworthiness for your cruises. Safe maneuvering is provided by two completely independent propulsion systems powered by Steyr engines.
Swimbus is the only three engine amphibious vehicle available in the market.


Type: Amphibious Passenger vessel
  • Length: 12.070 mm
  • Width: 2.540 mm
  • Draught max: 1.040 mm
Engine: Dual Steyr

2x 190 Hp, 2.600 rpm marine engines

Speed: 13 km/h, 7 knots
Save and efficient speed for a comfortable cruise. Fulfills the speed requirements on European waterways.
Hull: Marine grade aluminium
  • 4-6 mm marine grade aluminium
  • Hull structure and strengths are approved by DNV-GL (Germanischer Lloyd)
Propulsion: 2 reliable units

The scientifically designed independent propulsion units (engines, propellers, rudders) help maneuvering in all water conditions and allow to continue the journey safely even with one system.

Navigation: complete, fully certified system

Swimbus is fully rigged with all required navigation equipment required for inland water vessel (navigation lights, signaling device, radio, AIS transponder, etc.)

Emergency stop: Danforth special anchor

Independently operated electrical windlass and Danforth special anchor at the bow.

Automatic bilge pump system

Bilge water monitoring system with audio/visual alarm and strong pumps to prevent water in the ship’s hull.

Add a ‘splash’ of excitement to your sightseeing tour

Dealing with unpredictable weather is a problem familiar to many sightseeing operators, but with the Swimbus, there’s no need to worry. It will perform reliably and ensure maximum safety up to wind force of gale 6.

THE SWIMBUS 12.01 – Fully Certified for EU inland WATERWAYS

Two engines provide plenty of power in the water. Fully compliant with the requirements of the EU Directive for Inland Passenger Vessels. If one motor fails, with the second one the vessel can continue its journey safely.

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